Richard Deeb

Richard Deeb:

Managing Partner
D&C Legal Services

Tel : + 974 4477 5730

Tel + 961 1 957 586

Mobile : + 974 7007 6006

Mobile: +961 3 316 042

Email : irxsziw.wvvy@wx-oh.xln


Mr. Richard Deeb is a managing partner, able to work in English French and Arabic, with very good experience in Middle East, Africa and Asia. Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team. Dedicated to handle any litigation, arbitration, mediation advising and drafting any agreements or any other legal documents.

Richard Deeb has a very good experience in business law, corporate law, companies, joint venture acquisition and especially in real-estate and Intellectual property and trademark law.

Richard Deeb has gained both the Jurislex Best Award and the Corporate INTL award as one of the leading Corporate and Commercial lawyers, He was also been recognized by Jurislex Global network as Key Individual and the best practice Lawyer for hospitality and commercial.

He has represented clients in complex commercial litigation, with a focus on Corporate, Commercial and IP Aspect.

He is an advocate and arbitration law specialist. He works extensively across the Middle East, acting for governments and international corporations on complex commercial disputes under a variety of civil and common law systems.

Richard regularly advises clients across various industries on their commercial aspect compliance, policies and programs. Richard practice focused mainly on Joint venture, Commercial, Due diligence, corporate, Finance and intellectual property.

Richard is skilled in drafting expert legal opinions on complex issues and in support of both international and domestic arbitrations. Richard also regularly advises on various areas of law including litigious risks and avoidance. Richard also has experience in enforcement of foreign and domestic awards.

Richard career includes multiple representations of clients in complex commercial disputes and in commercial arbitration and has advised on multiple cross border transaction that have exceed 3.9 billion US$.

In addition to organizing and speaking at conferences, Richard is also acting as a board member of the Lebanese Institute of Market study and in charge of all the regulatory compliance and legal matter.


  • Master 2 In Law University of Limoges (France)- Faculty of Law
  • Master 1 In Law - Lebanese University Francophone Branch - Faculty of Law and Political Science.
  • Member of the law bar in Lebanon.
  • Member if the International Law Bar
  • Member of the Intellectual Property association
  • Member of the Human rights Committee in the Law bar in Lebanon.
  • Member of the International Union of lawyers, worldwide organization.
  • Member of the international Franchise lawyer association.
  • Member of Jurislex exclusive Network and recognized as one of the leading corporate and commercial lawyers.



  • Managing the Firm and acting for and advising for foreign investors and international conglomerates for all the corporate matter and businesses matter in the Middle East including but not limited to advising on the startups, incorporation structures, implications of available legal structures (e.g. ownership, financing and employment), foreign investment regulations, related transactions and establishment of branches and across various sectors such as telecommunication, retail, industrial, media and technology and other regulatory matters.
  • Handling corporate litigation including arbitration or other kind of conflict resolution.
  • Advising on banking and finance deal of 3,4 Billion US$ for the construction of an entertainment city.
  • Advising on one of the leading Joint Venture in the automotive industry and handling one of the major ICC arbitration that have exceed 300 Million US$.
  • Advising on mega construction and mixed used project of hotels and malls for 6 Billion US$.
  • Establishing one of the biggest Joint Venture in the Field of Gaz and oil between Oman and Qatar 250 Million US$ .
  • Handling the restructuring of the group form a LLC to a Holding Group and arrange for all the due diligence for an Initial Public Offering.
  • Arbitration case in front of the DIFC for 180 Million Dollars.
  • Advising on arbitration case for one of leading technology company on the breach with one of their major distributor for the value of 400 Million US$.
  • Negotiation, and mediation for a conflict with an international company in the field of Gas and oil.
  • Advising on a financing project of 1.2 billion US $
  • Arbitration case in front of the Qatar chamber of Commerce for 6.5 Million Dollars.
  • Extensive experience in Licensing, franchising and distribution, transfer, acquisition and sale, sales representation and agency agreements teaming, joint venture and other commercial alliance agreements, relationships and outsourcing arrangements.
  • Advising on finance deal with a UK leading bank over 100 Million Dollars.
  • Advising on Corporate matter (joint Venture) related to one of the biggest international automotive company.
  • Advising on Major agency and distribution agreements for Multinational companies especially in the sector of Gas and oil, furniture, real-estate, cement, Iron, safety, battery, heavy equipment, automotive finance, investment… 
  • Negotiation, and mediation for a conflict with an international company in the field of Gas and oil. 
  • Drafting, reviewing, advising on major business and construction contract . 
  • Advising on finance deal with a UK leading bank over 100 Million Dollars. 
  • Establishing a Joint venture with one of the biggest company in the field of gas and oil. 
  • Representing all the legal case in front of the court as well the arbitration in front of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and International Chamber of Commerce.
  • Handling all the construction contract and all the real estate matter of a leading construction company in the middle east. 
  • Advising on agreements with regard of cross-borders multinational transaction (in finance, investment and real-estate) 
  • Working with one of Major global technology group regarding a joint venture company in the Middle East. 
  • Handling one of the biggest joint venture in the Middle East related in the field of heavy equipment with a pioneer multinational company.
  • Handling various legal case of multinational companies. 
  • Handling one of the biggest acquisition deal of a multinational company.



  • Arabic: Native language.
  • English: very good (Spoken, Read, and Written).
  •  French : very good (Spoken, Read, and Written). 



  • Politic and Diplomatic immunity 
  • Intellectual property and trademark law. 
  • Article about the real states law in Lebanon. 
  • Persons of International and environment law 
  • Conventions and treaties of environment law. 
  • Protection of the littoral and the environment (international and comparative law)
  •  Many other articles related to sociology and philosophy.

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