Youssef Deeb

Youssef Deeb:

Maitre Youssef Deeb

Partner & Founder

D&C Legal Services

Tel : +961 6 409 305

Tel : +974 4452 8399

Tel: +961 1 957586

E-mail : blfhhvu.wvvy@wx-Oh.xln


Mr. Youssef Deeb has nearly 55 years of experience as a practicing attorney, and corporate advisor. He counsels and represents regulated entities, public companies, boards, and individuals in all the Middle east and Meena region, and state investigations and examinations, corporate governance, compliance matters, and advised on drafting new laws and regulations.

He is founder of Youssef Deeb Law Firm and later D&C Legal Services, one of the most recognized international law firms in the Middle East countries. He has decades of experience in Real Estate, Corporate, Business, Commercial, M&A and IP Law. He represented international clients in high-profile litigation and arbitration cases, real estate transaction, banking, finance legal matters and investment issues, etc.

He has gained a vast experience that covers a broad range of industries, including technology, energy and energy services, manufacturing, and consumer/beverage products.

He has represented many industry leaders in successful transactions, including M&A, advising on construction arbitration that exceed it the 100 million dollars and bank finance matter that exceed it the 4.9 Billion US$.

He is frequently invited to speak at conferences on various aspects of law and has authored several articles that has been published in many international legal Journal.

He has Founded D&C Legal Services that has been reliably recognized in various legal guides as one of the leading intentional law firm in the Middle east and the GGC region and has gain the Jurislex Best Award as one of the leading corporate and commercial Lawyer.

He has been elected for several time to be member of the Lebanese Law Bar and represented Lebanon in the Arab lawyer association.

Mr. Deeb also represented in the Litigation case of the assassination of Lebanese prime minister in front of the highest Lebanese court.

Education & Professional Membership 

  • Bachelor and master’s degree in law in 1962
  • Lebanese University – Faculty of Law
  • Lebanon Law Bar
  • International Bar association.
  • International Trademark Association
  • Member of the law draft and review comity of the law bar.
  • Human rights Committee, Lebanon
  • International Union of Lawyers, worldwide organization
  • Member of the international Franchise lawyer association.
  • Member of Jurislex exclusive Network and recognized as one of the leading corporate and commercial lawyers.



  • Representing before courts in corporate and international commercial litigation, arbitration tribunals and public authorities and in the mediation proceedings including courts and arbitration cases before Lebanon and Qatar Chamber of Commerce and International Chamber of Commerce, etc.).
  • Advice and representing in litigation, arbitration, and mediation proceedings related to trademarks, domain names, copyright, industrial designs and patents infringement for multinational brands and multinational clients.
  • Represented in the case of the assassination of the Lebanese prime minister in front of the highest court of Lebanon.
  • Advised on $250 million investment in hotel for worldwide hotel chain.
  • Advising one of the lading Kuwaiti group for a Mixed used and construction project of r over 600 Millions US$.
  • Advising on Arbitration case for one of the leading technology company for an amount of 300 Million US$
  • Advising on a ICC arbitration case for the breach of the agency agreement of one of the leading automotive company for 990 Million US$.
  • Advised finance agreement on behalf of real estate company with the bank for major construction project for over than 4.9 Billion US$
  • Represented in multi million worth investment dispute between real estate companies.
  • Advised establishment of joint venture company which part of global network of real estate companies.
  • Advised credit agreement with bank worth over $3.3 Billion.
  • Advised for years a gas and oil company from MENA region.
  • Establishing one of the best Joint venture in the sector of Gaz and Oil between two major companies in Oman and Qatar.
  • Establishing one of the leading joint venture in the power generator industry of the value of value of 320 Million US$.
  • Advising on the acquisition of one of the leading companies in the hotel business for over 1.1 billion.
  • Advised several major company acquisitions, each of which was multi-million worth.
  • Over more than 55 years Mr. Deeb has in his record thousands of prestigious cases and advises that vary in different field of law and related to many and various multinational clients.



  • Arabic
  • French

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