Copyrights give the author of any artistic or literary work an absolute property right over his work, and shall have the exclusive right to exploit the work commercially. This will include use, sell, advertise, rent, authorize other to use their work as well as any other commercial rights.

This protection shall apply to every production of the human spirit be it written, pictorial, sculptural, manuscript or oral, regardless of its value, importance or purpose and the mode or form of its expression.
This protection shall include but is not limited to books, archives, pamphlets, publications, printed materials and other literary, scientific and artistic writings, lectures, addresses and other oral works, audiovisual works and photographs, illustrations and drawings related to architecture, computer programs whatever their language and including preliminary work.

D&C Legal Services has significant professional experience with copyrights law. Having duly examined and practiced this field gave us the capacity to assist our foreign and local clients with the highest quality level of legal services.

D&C Legal Services represents clients in front of any governmental bodies as we provide them with our expertise in order to protect their interests.

In case of infringement of their rights, we advise theme about the best strategies to achieve their goal and, when it is necessary, we represent them in the court or in any potential negotiation, arbitration or any other alternative mode of conflict resolution.

D&C Legal Services is committed to the excellence, our goal is to preserve the best quality of our professional services, that’s why we always thrive on challenges and we spend the necessary time and effort to do well.

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