Exit Permits Cancelled in Qatar

Exit Permits Cancelled in Qatar

Written by Nasser Messaike

Tuesday, September 4, 2018, Qatar issued a new law no. 13 of 2018 (the “New Law”) that amends in its first article the article 7 of law no. 21 of 2015 regarding the entry, exit, and residency of expatriates, allowing foreign employees whom are subject to the Qatari Labour Law no. 14 of 2004 (the “Labour Law”) in the State of Qatar to exit Qatar either temporarily or permanently without an exit permit from their sponsor.

Nevertheless, the sponsor may submit in advance a request to the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (the “Ministry”) providing the name of the employees which he believes that it is essential to have his consent on their leave, however, it is worth noting that the ratio of such employees shall not exceed 5% of the sponsor’s total number of employees.

Such request from the sponsor is subject to the approval of the Ministry, and once the Ministry accepts such request, it shall inform the concerned entities.

Moreover, we should note that the New Law governs only the employees whom are subject to the Labour Law. The exits of employees whom are not subject to the Labour Law shall be specified in a decision by the minister of interior.

Furthermore, the New Law established a new committee named Expatriate Exit Grievances Committee (the “Committee”). In case of any foreign employee cannot leave Qatar for any reason, he may seek the help of such Committee which shall issue its decision within three (3) days from receiving the request from the foreign employee.

All the Qatari authorities shall execute and be bound by the New Law.

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