Industrial Designs

Industrial Designs

An industrial design is the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an article. The design may consist of three-dimensional features, such as the shape or surface of an article, or of two-dimensional features, such as patterns, lines or color.

Industrial designs are applied to a wide variety of products of industry and handicraft: from technical and medical instruments to watches, jewelry, and other luxury items, electrical appliances to vehicles and architectural structures; from textile designs to leisure goods.

An industrial design must appeal to the eye. This means that an industrial design is primarily of an aesthetic nature, and does not protect any technical features of the article to which it is applied.

In this section the attorneys of D&C Legal Services provide à complete  assistance to any inventors of a drawing or designers, or those who are entitled to rights thereto. We represent them before the courts or any other government bodies in case of violation of their exclusive rights.
D&C Legal Services advises and assists them with the drafting or reviewing of any agreement related to the transfer of their rights.

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