Latest Industrial Design Law in Qatar

Latest Industrial Design Law in Qatar

May 06, 2020

On April 19, 2020, the State of Qatar released a Law No. 10 of 2020 for the Protection of Industrial Designs. This new law revoked the industrial design law of 2002.

The release of this new law was an ongoing effort for the protection of Intellectual Property rights in Qatar, also in alignment with the vision of Qatar for the future and will enhance the protection of designs.

However, this new law requires the issuance of an implementing decree which will provide the registration formalities and official fees to be applied for industrial designs protection.  As soon as the implementing regulation will be issued, we will update you and share with you the relevant information.

Nevertheless, in order to avoid any future infringements conflicts, and to protect the designs, it is recommended to publish cautionary announcements at regular intervals in any local Qatari newspapers, since the patent office is currently not receiving new applications for design registrations.


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