Legal Internship

Legal Internship

At D&C Legal Services, we are proud to be the leaders and the first law firm in the Middle Eastern region to implement an online internship program. Since we have the aim to accommodate as many paralegals and legal interns as possible, D&C Legal Services have developed an online internship program which eliminates the problem of geographical constraints. With this initiative, D&C Legal Services can reach out to a larger more dispersed community of law students and give them the opportunity to work with the law firm through a virtual reality platform.

For this purposes D&C legal services uses the latest technology of e-learning style and best virtual reality platform that allow students to interact with virtual clients and colleagues in a way that mirror the real law firm’s work.

In the online internship program, students will be provided practical training so as to develop essential legal skills like undertaking research, making analysis, drafting as well as effective and procedural communication. All interns will be required to engage themselves within legal assignments and projects under the supervision or mentorship of professionals. This online internship program will be open for 3st year to final year law students.

In addition to this, those interns who prove themselves to be capable enough will have the opportunity to transform their internship into a permanent job.

Benefits of Online Internship Program

  • Participation within selected professional work
  • Opportunities to carry out research in different law aspects inclusive of case studies
  • Opportunities for extending legal assistance to the NGOs
  • enhance the skill level of young lawyers and help them to gain a better understanding of the nuances related to working as a lawyer within the legal system.
  • Access to case law and cause related articles which are available on the official website.
  • A Certificate of Internship of D&C Legal Services will be provided for the entire internship duration. Also get a chance to get permanent employment with  D&C Legal Services Middle Eastern region.

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